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China Aviation Training Forum 2015

According to the Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Civil Aviation Pilots (2013 edition) published figures shows, there are 7,320 general aviation pilots in China, including 2973 fight school students, 731 flight Instructors, 91 government affairs staffs, 476 sports aircraft pilots, therefore, the real pilots engaged in general aviation operations less than 2000 people.


By the end of 2013, China has 12 aviation training academy (8 of them has CPL lessons). Training capacity of 2,380 a year, Civil Aviation Flight University of China has 1500 orientation places to transport airlines every year. The other 11 training schools can only train 880 pilots a year, few and far between trainees can obtain CPL and employed by GA companies.

By the end of 2013, all kinds of flight training institutions in China have 731 flight instructors, about half of them in Civil Aviation Flight University of China, most of the flight instructor is engaged in the airline transport pilot training, due to the diversion of general aviation pilots to air transport, a serious shortage of flight instructors engaged in general aviation flight training, has greatly restricts the flight training institutions of various types of general aviation pilots ability.

Up to now, there are 286 general airports in China, far less than 19,782 airports in the United States, so the existing training schools and general aviation infrastructure in China can't meet the development needs of general aviation flight training in China.

Talent is the basis for the development of general aviation industry, the key to China's development of general aviation industry is to solve the problem of general aviation flight personnel shortage in China.

Under this background, ‘China Aviation Training Forum 2015’ (CATF 2015) plans to hold in Beijing, on November 26th– 27th. Through various forms of participation, like keynote speech, panel discussion, exhibition, one-to-one meetings and media interview, CATF 2015 will take you in-depth understanding of the status quo and future development trends of civil aviation training industry in China.


【Hot Topics to be discussed at CATS 2015】

Current situation and challenge of civil aviation training in China

Human factors and technical factors that affect the safety of the future flight in the training

Next Generation training

Pilot transport and training Globalization

Aviation simulator training

New technology training

Evidence based thinking: the direction of aviation talent management in the era of big data

‘Internet +’: Information platform for civil aviation pilots in China

Foreign language training



【Industry Leaders From】

Official Government

Airlines Companies

General Aviation Operators

Aircraft Manufacturers

Aviation Training Schools

Simulators& Simulation Technologies Providers

Aviation College/University/ Flight Training Academy

Cabin Crew/ Flight attendant

Training Equipment Manufacturers

Training Management Solution Providers



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